Company Profile

HubTrades is a worldwide online broker founded in 2016 and now is among the largest and most respected companies in the world of the Forex market. Our company has succeeded and grown by listening to the clients and meeting their needs. Since our foundation, a team of professionals has been formed who are specialists in the currency and financial markets.

We have found our reputation in online trading world due to various offers for our clients: standard account type, trading platform both desktop and mobile and trading tools to trade on different currency pairs, commodities, shares and stocks in the best conditions. We offer IB (Introducing Broker) and White Label programs to give our partners and clients a great opportunity for cooperation in a safe environment.

We look forward to long term cooperation with our clients and partners and also to their devotion.

What we offer

HubTrades offers its clients high-class services as well as reliable and accessible environment using modern technologies. We provide both new and professional traders with HubTrades Trader which is the most popular platform and allows them an immediate Forex trading by using advanced trading tools in the global market. We offer our clients daily technical analysis to give them a great opportunity to enter the Forex market with a comprehensive knowledge. We provide with the greatest customer service to everyone – 24 hours a day, 5 days a week online support covering with a professional and technical support team to give solutions and consultation service.


HubTrades attempts to achieve a perfect result of sincere, accessible, worthwhile and advanced services.
Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients and partners, so we believe this is the only right way of doing a business.
  • To provide a unique trading system and environment for our clients
  • To keep our position as the outstanding broker in the Forex market
  • To give the clients full information about the services we offer
  • To build a trustworthy relationship between HubTrades and its clients
  • To provide simple operation system with all legal requirements
  • To be innovative and developed with use of up-to-dated technology

Dear Client,

Our banking partners are facing an influx of heavy traffic on their platforms due to which the time they take to process transactions have increased in the last 15 days. Because of this, your deposits in HubTrades account are also significantly impacted and may take more time than normal to process by the bank.

We are in constant touch with their senior management to understand the cause of the delay and the expected resolution time of this issue. They have informed us that they are working on a permanent solution which will prevent this problem to ever arise again in future.

We will notify you as soon as this issue has been permanently fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience and request you to stay patient with us in this time.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Center.

Thank You,
Team HubTrades