HubTrades is the trading name of HubTrades Ltd, a firm performing due diligence activities in order to obtain relevant information from the clients. By applying the KYC* (Know Your Customer) procedures, the Company strives to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

For any inquiries please contact us or email our compliance department directly.

The main specialization of the company is to provide individuals and organizations with services in international financial markets. The company is a partner of several leading brokerage software developers. The company applies the STP model with the Bridge Technology to work with its Prime Broker and executes customers’ orders in Non-Dealing Desk mode. HubTrades acts in full compliance with European and international legislation and regulation standards. We strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. You can review the Customer Agreement as well as AML policy and other important legal documents in the Legal Documentation section.

Investor Protection

HubTrades takes regulation and financial transparency seriously: all customer funds are fully segregated from our own assets, and distributed across a network of custodian banks.

* KYC policy is based on four values: Customer Acceptance Policy, Customer Identification Procedures, Monitoring of Transactions, and Risk Management.

Dear Client,

Our banking partners are facing an influx of heavy traffic on their platforms due to which the time they take to process transactions have increased in the last 15 days. Because of this, your deposits in HubTrades account are also significantly impacted and may take more time than normal to process by the bank.

We are in constant touch with their senior management to understand the cause of the delay and the expected resolution time of this issue. They have informed us that they are working on a permanent solution which will prevent this problem to ever arise again in future.

We will notify you as soon as this issue has been permanently fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience and request you to stay patient with us in this time.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Center.

Thank You,
Team HubTrades