Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


At HubTrades we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This privacy policy is intended to provide you with information about how we collect and process any personal information, for example, information about the Customer (as defined below) is a natural person, basis on which said Customer can be identified. (hereinafter the data), in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, including EU Regulation No. 2016/679, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR). This version of the Privacy Policy becomes effective on May 25, 2018. We strive to create the safest infrastructure that any broker in the world can have. In this privacy policy we would like to explain why you can entrust us with your data and for what reason you can be sure that you are safe. When we collect or process your data, it is important that you read this privacy policy, as well as any other privacy notices that we may provide at certain times, so that you may know how, and how we use your information. 1. WHO WE ARE HubTrades, is a company registered in ENGLAND with registered office at 12th Floor, Broadgate Tower, 24 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2EW, Together, and the affiliated companies constitute a group of companies for the purposes of the General Regulation This Privacy Policy is issued on behalf of the HubTrades group so when we indicate in the aforementioned Privacy Policy “HubTrades”, “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”, we we will be referring to the corresponding company, within the group, that is responsible for collecting and / or processing your data when you (the Client) use the Investment Platform, either for the purposes of an Investment Account or for the purposes of a Demo Account (hereinafter, the Service (s)). In HubTrades we respect your privacy and, therefore, all companies in the group undertake to protect your data, which they collect, use and / or access to. The Company takes the necessary measures to implement advanced policies and procedures regarding the protection of the data, as well as to be able to update them occasionally, in order to protect the data and the Client’s account. Your data is protected by a series of legal, administrative and technical measures that we follow to ensure privacy, integrity and accessibility to them. To avoid security incidents with your data, we use a combination of institutional and technical measures based on the results of the annual risk assessment. The Company will not disclose any private information of its current and / or previous Customers, unless the Client approves such disclosure in writing, or unless such disclosure is required by current legislation, or is required to verify the identity of the Client, or is required for the purpose of fulfilling its contractual obligations, by virtue of any agreement entered into with the Client and / or necessary to support our legitimate interests. The information of the Clients is provided only to the employees of the Company who are in charge of the accounts of specific Clients. Such information is stored in physical and electronic storage media, in accordance with the law in force. 2. USE OF DATA We may collect, use, store and transfer different types of data about you, which we have grouped as follows: Identity data which include first name, surname and patronymic (if available), date of birth, gender, passport or personal identification document number, and a copy of the photo. Contact Information which includes the billing address, email address and telephone numbers. Financial data which includes the details regarding the bank account and the payment card. Transaction data which includes details about the transactions to, and from you, as well as other details of the transactions that have been made with us. Technical data includes the Internet Protocol (IP) address, your login data, browser type and version, configuration and location of the time zone, type and versions of browser add-ons, operating system and platform, as well as other technologies on the devices you use to access Profile data includes the details of the Client’s account, the username and password, the transactions he has made, his interests, his preferences, as well as his comments and answers regarding the surveys. Usage data includes information on how to use Marketing and Communication Data includes your preferences regarding the advertising we send you, as well as your communication preferences. Special Category data / ‘Sensitive’ data which includes details about your race or ethnic origin, your religious or philosophical beliefs, your sex life, your sexual orientation, your political opinions, your union membership, your health information, your genetic and biometric data, as well as criminal convictions and crimes. Aggregate Data includes statistical or demographic data in relation to any purpose. Such data may be derived from your data, although by law, they are not considered personal data, as they do not reveal your identity directly or indirectly. An example of such aggregated data could be that we add your usage data to calculate the percentage of users accessing a specific feature of the website and / or the services / preferences of the products. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you combine the aggregated data with other data, so that the final result may somehow identify the subject of said data, treat the aforementioned combined data as those data that should be treated according to the provisions here They indicated. The process of their data is carried out by the group in accordance with the bases of legality, impartiality, and transparency, always respecting the purpose of the data process and the principle for the minimization of these, as well as its precision and its limited storage, as well as its integrity, confidentiality and responsibility. The Client acknowledges that it will store all or part of the data relating to the Client’s account, as well as regarding transactions that were related, in the event of a dispute between the Client and the Company. The Customer will be responsible for updating any information that is provided to us in the event of any change. Although we will endeavor to keep your information up-to-date, as well as to review and inspect all the information you have provided, we may not always be able to do so without your help. The Client acknowledges that he has no commitment or responsibility whatsoever with the Client with regard to any review or inspection of the aforementioned information. 3. HOW ARE YOUR PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED? We use different methods to collect data from you, and about you, which includes: Direct Interactions In view of this, you provide us with your Identity, as well as your Contact and Financial Data through the Internet through the website and / or by completing the forms electronically and / or by communicating with us by email or otherwise. You can send us the data when you want: Register to create an Investment Account; Register to create a Demo Account; Subscribe to our publications and continuous updates; Request that advertising material and promotions be sent to you; Be part of a contest, promotion or survey; I Give us your opinion or contact us. We need to collect the above data in order to (i) provide you with our services in an efficient manner, (ii) to be able to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, which include, among other things, (a) preventing acts of fraud and money laundering and / or (b) perform the suitability and adequacy test evaluation. If you do not provide the information when requested, we may not be able to carry out the contract that we have, or that we are in the process of celebrating with you (for example, to provide you with our services). In this case, we may have to cancel a service you have with us, however we will notify you if this is the case at that time. It is important that the information we have about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your information has changed during the course of your relationship with us. Automatic Technologies or Interactions. When using our services, when your device automatically transmits its technical characteristics. Place (a set of parameters that determine the regional configuration of its interface, that is, the country of residence, the time zone and the language of the interface) and that is used in order to provide the best possible service within our platform . The use of information about your IP address, the files of the cookies, the information about the browser and the operating system you are using, the date and time you have accessed the site, as well as the addresses of the pages requested, will allow us to provide optimal functionality in our web application, mobile and / or desktop versions of our application, as well as control their behavior in order to improve the efficiency and usability of our Services. We use analysis tools for the web through cookies, in order to track the performance of our website and the source of marketing of the user, in order to optimize our advertising costs and provide users with a better experience. In relation to cookies: A cookie (from the English cookie or computer cookie) consists of a small amount of data that often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer, or to your device’s browser, from a computer. website, and that is stored on the hard drive of your device in order to track your use of the site. A website can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser’s preferences allow it, although, to protect your privacy, your browser will only allow a website to access the cookies it has already sent to you, and not to that you can send from other websites. Many websites do this every time a user visits your website in order to track traffic flows on the Internet. When you visit our our system will automatically collect information about your visit, as well as your technical data, including, among others, your browser type, your IP address and the reference website. The stored cookies can determine the route that the Client has used on our website and can be used to anonymously identify the users that are habitual to it, as well as the pages that are most popular among the Clients. However, the Company protects the Client’s privacy by not storing the names, personal details, emails, of the Client, etc. The use of cookies is an industry standard and is currently used by most major websites. The stored cookies allow it to be easier to use and more efficient for Clients, by allowing it to learn that information that is more valued by customers than it is not. You can configure your browser so that you do not save cookies from this website, and you can also delete cookies automatically or manually. However, please note that by doing so, you may not be able to fully use all the functions provided by our website. 4. PURPOSE FOR THE EFFECTS OF WHICH WE WILL USE YOUR DATA AND ITS LEGAL BASIS We process the aforementioned data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable local legislation, as modified periodically to (i) be able to fulfill our contractual obligations with the Client and offer the best service that possible, (ii) provide our Services efficiently, (iii) comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, which include, among other things, (a) preventing acts of fraud and money laundering and / or (b) performing the suitability assessment and adequacy test, as well as (iv) protecting our legitimate interests while also protecting those interests that are vital to it. We process all data based on the following legal bases: To carry out the fulfillment of our legal and regulatory obligations; To carry out the fulfillment of our contractual obligations with the Client; In order to safeguard our legitimate interests, so that their interests and fundamental rights do not cancel such interests. Legitimate Interest represents the interest that our company has in directing and managing its business, in order to provide the best service / product, as well as the best experience in the safest way possible. Before processing your personal data and regarding our legitimate interests, we make sure to consider and balance any impact you may experience (both positive and negative), as well as your rights. We do not use your personal data for activities in which our interests may be canceled due to the possible impact they cause on you (unless we have your consent or that the law requires or allows it); I On the basis of your consent. As an indication, we present below a description of the ways we usually use to process your data, as well as the legal basis on which we trust to do so. When appropriate, we also identify what our legitimate interests are. Please note that we may process the data with respect to different legal bases, depending on the specific purpose for which we are using your data. Types of data we have, purpose for the purposes of its process and justifications: The name, surname and patronymic (if available), as well as the IP address (in certain cases) may be used for the purpose of user identification. For the identification of your location we use information that includes, among other things, your residence address. For the identification of your account we will use the photo of your account. These data are collected so that we can make our contract with you. Our website is not intended for use by children, and therefore we do not knowingly collect data that is related to them. As we do not allow users under the age of 18 to use our services, we need to obtain their date of birth to carry out the confirmation of the age controls of the clients. Your contact phone number is required for verification purposes, as well as to provide you with a secure authentication process and also support services. Your email is used for identification and authentication. In addition, we provide identification and authentication services through social networking protocols, so we use the links to your accounts in social networks for such purposes. We will be able to register and / or monitor the calls that you receive from us or that you make to us. We do this as part of the controls that we require in order to be established under our legal obligations,as well as in relation to regulations and directives, for the security, training, fraud prevention and also to improve the services we provide. To be able to comply with the legal, regulatory, fiscal, accounting or information requirements, as well as to be able to comply with our obligations under the Financial Instruments Market II (MIFID II) Directive as modified from time to time, for Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and for the purposes of the Anti-Terrorist Financing Act of 2007, No. 188 (I) / 2007, as amended from time to time, as well as with respect to any other law that may be applicable, and regulation, , we use your data called KYC (Know your customer) for the Process of your Score, under which we need to obtain complete information about you, to the extent that is reasonable, to perform financial transactions to effects of preventing money laundering, financing of terrorism and tax evasion. In addition, in order to carry out our KYC procedures (Know your client) we can use that information that comes from the identity documents, the information of the documents that certify your address, your economic profile (information about the annual income, the net earnings, the estimated annual amount for investment purposes, the sources of the funds), as well as the one corresponding to its conformity assessment (education, labor situation, experience in relation to investments), number of its payment portfolio and / or information of your bank card, including the information of the issuing bank, the card number, the name of the cardholder, the expiration date of the card, the payment system, the card validation code (CVV2 / CVC2) and the scanned images corresponding to both sides of the bank card. In order to comply with the legal requirements mentioned above, we may need to collect and / or process some types of data about you that are classified as “sensitive” (which include details about your race or ethnic origin, your religious or philosophical beliefs, his sexual life, his sexual orientation, his political opinions, his affiliation to the unions, information about his health, his genetic and biometric data, as well as the sentences and criminal offenses). In this case, we will clearly explain the purposes for which we wish to use your confidential data, if they are collected and when they are collected and, if necessary, obtain your consent at that time. If you are already an existing Customer, we will have the legitimate interest to communicate with you, or if you have given us your consent, we will collect and process your information and your personal data to communicate with you in case of assistance and / or sending newsletters, automatic notifications and calls, in order to keep you in touch with our new functions, news and events, as well as for an efficient service that responds to a full scope of our services. We will also use your data to send you advertising information by email that relates exclusively to our services and products, which we believe may be of interest to you. We strive to keep you fully informed of any developments regarding our Platform and / or services, always taking into account your interests, and also in line with our legitimate interests in order to protect and promote our business in accordance with recital 47 and Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Naturally, you can choose to stop receiving our emails at any time and / or our correspondence, by contacting us (using the contact information indicated below). 5. EXEMPTION CLAUSE If you do not wish to receive newsletters for advertising purposes or transmit your data to third parties for commercial purposes, you can configure your preferences for that purpose. Said configuration can be made when (i) an account is opened or (ii) said advertising content is received or (iii) the session is started and My Account is accessed> Personal Data. You can also send the Company, at any time, an email to requesting that you stop sending such advertising content, or stop sending your data to third parties for commercial purposes. The elimination of the aforementioned feature and / or receipt of electronic mail by the Company, will force the Company to stop sending advertising content within a period of 7 (seven) business days. 6. DATA DISCLOSURE We may share your data with those parts indicated below with respect to the purposes set forth above. We require that all third parties (both internal and external) respect your data, and treat them in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable local legislation, as modified from time to time. We carry out all reasonable measures to prevent our external service providers from processing your personal data for their own purposes, we only allow them to process your data for specific purposes and in accordance with our instructions. Internal Third Parties. In general, their data is used by those who process them in the group, namely It should be noted that the aforementioned, on occasion, could change, and that therefore, we will carry out our best efforts to update the corresponding sections, in due time. Likewise, the transfer of your data to another legal entity may occur as part of a transfer of our business, or as parts of it in the form of a re-organization, a sale of assets, a consolidation, a merger or the like . Regarding the transfer of the data to those recipients who are outside the HubTrades group, it should be noted that we strive to maintain proper discretion with respect to customer matters, as well as with respect to customer evaluations. which we acquire knowledge. We may disclose data that concerns you only if (i) we are legally obligated to do so; (ii) if it is required when you expressly ask us to process a transaction or any other service and (iii) when it is required for the provision of our services under our contractual relationship and / or (iv) for the protection of our legitimate interests, compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable local legislation, as modified from time to time. External Third Parties. Your data is shared with organizations / entities of third parties, including, but not limited to, the following: Service providers. We may share your data with our third-party service providers that we trust and that, on our behalf, operate, maintain and / or support our Information Technology (IT) systems and infrastructures and our websites, which manage our payment solutions, which perform statistical analysis, marketing and operating for advertising purposes, to send newsletters, as well as to provide customer assistance and perform other services that are important to us. Other affiliates of HubTrades. We may also disclose your information to other companies affiliated with HubTrades to provide us with the corresponding services. Regulator and state authorities. The Client’s data that is provided and / or that will be provided by the Client during its activity on the site may be disclosed by the Company to the official authorities. The Company will make said disclosure only if it has been legally required, due to the laws that are applicable or to a court order, and will act in the minimum way possible to the extent that it has been required. Within the context of control, monitoring and evaluation of the legality with respect to the investment activity to which our Company is authorized by the state regulator of the Republic of Cyprus, there are mandatory requirements that require the transfer of the data of the users that are processed by the controlled entity. Therefore, . The regulator will organize the audit of all the services subject to licensing and the activities carried out in order to fully perform their supervisory functions and take the necessary measures to ensure that the controlled companies comply with the obligations set forth in the Law that provides for the provision of investment services, the exercise of investment activities, operation of regulated markets and other related matters (87 (I) / 2017), Regulation (EU) No. 600/2014, Directive 2014/57 / CE and Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014. Other disclosures In addition to having granted consent for the disclosure of the data, or when the disclosure is necessary to achieve the purpose (s) for which they were collected, the data may also be disclosed in special situations, when we have reasons to believe that acting in such a way was necessary to identify, contact or take legal action against any person who damages, harms or interferes (intentionally or otherwise) with our rights or property, users or any other person who may be harmed by such activities, or otherwise, when necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. In addition, we may use Google services for the corresponding operation of the data analysis. At any time you can choose to disable and / or restrict such transfers using the special configuration of your investment account, or by notifying us according to the contact details that are detailed in the CONTACT DETAILS section shown below. With respect to the recognition of the text specified in the documents, in order to clarify the accuracy of the Client’s data, which were indicated personally and previously in the service profile, In relation to the comparison of the name and surname of the user that appears in the documents that were recognized with the name and surname of the user, and that were previously and personally indicated in the profile of the service, communication with our clients. International transfers. The use of the service providers and the disclosure of your data to another group of HubTrades could imply a transfer of your data to third countries, which may not be within the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (called Third countries). When we transfer data to these third countries, we will ensure that a similar degree of protection is provided to them, ensuring that at least one of the following security measures is implemented: We will only transfer your data to those countries considered, by the European Commission, that provide an adequate level of protection for them. We require that all recipients of your data provide the appropriate security measures to protect your data, when they are transferred to “third countries”, by complying with the standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission of the European Union (EU). ) (see article 46 (2) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and / or binding corporate rules adopted by the Commission of the European Union (EU) (see article 47 of the GDPR) of data ). 7. RETENTION OF DATA We store your data for as long as reasonably necessary in order to fulfill the purposes for which we collected it, including the purposes necessary to comply with legal, regulatory, fiscal, accounting or information requirements. We may keep your personal data for a longer period if there is a complaint, or if we reasonably believe that there is a possibility of a dispute regarding our relationship with you. In order to determine the retention period that is appropriate for your data, we consider the amount, nature and sensitivity of the data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of such data, the purposes for which we process them, and if we can achieve these ends by other means, as well as the legal, regulatory, fiscal, accounting and other requirements that may be applicable. By law, we must keep your data (including recordings of calls) during the course of our business relationship, and at the time of termination, for a minimum period of 5 (five) years from the date of termination, by the user , and in relation to the Platform / Service that you are using. The data storage period may exceed 5 years to 7 years at the request of the competent authority (the regulator of the authorized activities of the Company). A la fecha de vencimiento del periodo de conservación de los datos, éstos se borrarán mediante un proceso de destrucción irreversible, por lo que se informará a todos los terceros a quienes se hayan transferido los datos, en lo que respecta a dicho borrado, al igual que se solicitará la realización de acciones similares por su parte. 8. SUS DERECHOS: CÓMO RETIRAR CONSENTIMIENTOS Y SUSCRIBIRSE Le pediremos que nos proporcione información verdadera, precisa y actualizada sobre su identidad, y que no se haga pasar por otra persona física o jurídica. Cualquier cambio en sus datos de identificación deberá ser notificado a la Compañía inmediatamente y, en cualquier caso, no más tarde del séptimo día a partir de la fecha en la que acontecieron dichos cambios. Si sus datos fueren incorrectos o incompletos, póngase en contacto conforme a los detalles de contacto que figuran en la sección que se indica a continuación DETALLES DE CONTACTO a efectos de poder cambiar sus datos. En determinadas circunstancias, usted tendrá derechos en consonancia con las disposiciones establecidas en el Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (GDPR) y con respecto a la legislación local que sea aplicable, según se modifique ocasionalmente. Algunos derechos son bastante complejos e incluyen exenciones, por lo que le recomendamos encarecidamente que se ponga en contacto con nosotros (según se indica en los detalles de contacto que figuran en la sección que se indica a continuación DETALLES DE CONTACTO) y/o solicite orientación a las autoridades reguladoras, a efectos de obtener una explicación completa de dichos derechos. A continuación podrá encontrar un resumen de sus derechos en esta sección. El derecho de acceso. Tiene derecho a obtener la confirmación que sea necesaria en relación a si procesamos, o no, sus datos. Igualmente, tiene derecho a obtener una información más detallada en lo que respecta a los datos que conservamos, el proceso al que sometemos a los mismos y, en determinadas circunstancias, tendrá derecho a recibir una copia de dichos datos. El derecho a la rectificación. Tiene derecho a rectificar aquellos datos que sean inexactos y, teniendo en cuenta el objetivo de su proceso, a completar los que fueren incompletos. El derecho a la eliminación. Derecho el cual le permite solicitarnos que eliminemos o borremos los datos personales, cuando no haya una buena razón para que continuemos procesándolos. No obstante, tenga en cuenta que es posible que no siempre podamos cumplir con su solicitud de eliminación debido a motivos legales y específicos, los cuales se le notificarán, si corresponde, en el momento de su solicitud. En caso de que desee obtener el borrado total de sus datos (para aplicar el “derecho a ser olvidado”), tenga en cuenta que no siempre podremos cumplir con su solicitud de eliminación debido a motivos legales y específicos, los cuales se le notificarán, si corresponde, en el momento de su solicitud. El derecho a la restricción del proceso. Tiene derecho a solicitar la restricción con respecto al proceso de sus datos personales (a) si no fueren precisos; (b) cuando dicho proceso pueda ser de índole ilegal y aun así no desee que borremos sus datos; (c) cuando necesite que retengamos sus datos, incluso si ya no los necesitamos; o (d) cuando pueda haber objetado en lo que respecta a nuestro uso de sus datos, y no obstante necesitemos verificar si tenemos razones legítimas para usarlos. El derecho a la portabilidad de los datos. En la medida en que la base legal para el proceso resida en su consentimiento, y cuando dicho proceso se lleve a cabo por medios automáticos, usted no tendrá derecho a recibir sus datos en un formato estructurado, que sea utilizado comúnmente y legible por máquina. No obstante, este derecho no se aplicará cuando pudiere afectar adversamente a los derechos y libertades de otros y/o en el caso de que sea técnicamente imposible hacerlo. El derecho a oponerse. Sujeto a la base legal en la que se basa la actividad del proceso, podrá oponerse al proceso de sus datos personales. Tenga en cuenta que, en algunos casos, podremos tener razones legítimas y apremiantes que debamos cumplir para procesar su información. El derecho a retirar el consentimiento. En la medida en la que base legal para el proceso resida en su consentimiento, tendrá derecho a retirar dicho consentimiento en cualquier momento. Hecho el cual puede aplicarse en lo que respecta a los fines publicitarios y/o con respecto a la transferencia de sus datos a terceros. En caso de que decida retirarse de un consentimiento que haya dado, dejaremos de procesar sus datos, a menos y en la medida en que se permita o se requiera el proceso continuo, de conformidad con la regulación en relación a los datos que fuere aplicable, así como en lo relativo a otras leyes y regulaciones que también sean de aplicación. La retirada de su consentimiento, en ningún caso afectará la legalidad del proceso, el cual se ha basado en su consentimiento antes de la ulterior retirada del mismo. El derecho de reclamar a la autoridad supervisora con respecto a la protección de los datos. Hacemos todo lo posible para garantizarle que estamos protegiendo sus datos, le mantenemos informado sobre cómo los procesamos y cumplimos con las regulaciones de protección de datos que sean aplicables. En caso de que no esté satisfecho con el proceso y la protección de sus datos, o con la información que haya recibido de nosotros, le instamos a que nos informe a efectos de que podamos mejorar. No dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros si desea hacer uso de sus derechos. Siempre podrá optar por no recibir boletines informativos, etc., y por darse de baja de las listas de correo electrónico, siempre que siga las instrucciones que se indiquen en cualquier correo electrónico o en otra comunicación que reciba de nosotros. Si desea ejercer cualquiera de sus derechos mencionados anteriormente y/u obtener más información con respecto a sus derechos y/o a nuestras políticas y procedimientos, podrá ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través de los puntos de contacto que se detallan a continuación en la sección DETALLES DE CONTACTO. Proporciónenos también aquella información que sea relevante para poder atender su solicitud, incluido su nombre completo y su dirección de correo electrónico, a efectos de que podamos identificarlo. Responderemos a su solicitud sin retrasos. Es posible que tengamos que solicitarle información concreta para ayudarnos a confirmar su identidad y para garantizar su derecho con respecto al acceso a sus datos (o a efectos de ejercer cualesquiera de sus otros derechos). Esta medida de seguridad garantiza que los datos personales no se revelarán a ninguna otra persona que no tenga el correspondiente derecho para poder recibirlos. También podremos contactar con usted para solicitarle más información en relación con su solicitud, a efectos de poder acelerar nuestra respuesta. Intentamos responder a todas aquellas solicitudes que sean legítimas dentro del plazo de un mes. En ocasiones, podría darse el caso de que se tarde más de un mes si su solicitud fuere particularmente compleja, o si ha realizado un conjunto de solicitudes. En dicho caso, le notificaremos y le mantendremos al tanto. Si después de su solicitud no pudiéremos proporcionarle una respuesta satisfactoria, en dicho caso podrá presentar una queja ante la autoridad local competente a efectos de la supervisión para la protección de los datos. En Chipre, la autoridad supervisora para la protección de datos es la siguiente: 9. SEGURIDAD DE LOS DATOS Hemos implementado las medidas de seguridad adecuadas a efectos de evitar que sus datos se pierdan accidentalmente, o bien a que se utilicen o se acceda a ellos de forma no autorizada, y a impedir igualmente que sean modificados o divulgados. Igualmente, hemos limitado el acceso a sus datos a aquellos empleados, agentes, contratistas y a otros terceros que tengan la necesidad comercial de conocerlos. Solo procesarán sus datos conforme a nuestras instrucciones, al igual que están obligados a cumplir su deber con respecto a la confidencialidad. Hemos implementado procedimientos para hacer frente a cualquier sospecha con respecto a la violación de los datos, y por ende, le notificaremos tanto a usted como al regulador competente en caso de ocurrir una filtración de los mismos, cuando legalmente estemos obligados a hacerlo. El Cliente está obligado a notificar de inmediato al servicio de atención al cliente de la Compañía en relación a cualquier sospecha de uso no autorizado con respecto a su cuenta. Podrá ponerse en contacto con nosotros, en cualquier momento, a través de los puntos de contacto que se detallan a continuación en la sección DETALLES DE CONTACTO. Cifrado de sus datos en tránsito El cifrado proporciona un alto nivel de seguridad y privacidad para sus datos. Cuando introduzca sus datos en nuestra plataforma, utilizaremos unas fuertes tecnologías de cifrado (tales como Transport Layer Security) para proteger sus datos durante la transmisión desde sus dispositivos hacia nuestros servidores. Para proporcionar una mayor confianza y seguridad utilizaremos Certificados digitales EV (Validación Ampliada) emitidos por las Autoridades de Certificación que gocen de la suficiente fiabilidad. Podrá ver la “Barra Verde” en las versiones del navegador que sean compatibles, lo cual confirma que todos los datos transmitidos gozan de la suficiente seguridad. Protección de sus datos en nuestra infraestructura Damos prioridad al desarrollo de servicios que sean seguros “por defecto”. La seguridad “predeterminada” de nuestros servicios significa que todos los nuevos servicios y funciones se diseñan teniendo en cuenta estrictos requisitos de seguridad incluso antes de comenzar el desarrollo. Esta es la clave para garantizar la protección y privacidad de todos los datos que nuestros servicios manejan y almacenan, una vez que el servicio o nueva característica es liberada. Para asegurar sus datos, utilizaremos la seudonimización, lo que permite que la mayoría de nuestros servicios funcionen sin utilizar sus datos reales. En vez de sus datos reales, nuestros servicios usan una ID del sistema que no puede ser rastreada para identificarle. La Compañía permanece siempre alerta en lo que respecta a la seguridad de aquellos de sus datos que sean almacenados en nuestras infraestructuras. Por esa razón ubicamos todos nuestros equipos, que se utilizan para el proceso de sus datos, en centros seguros de datos. El acceso a la red a para dichos equipos está aislado de Internet. Utilizamos la segmentación de red en lo que respecta al aislamiento de los servicios que necesiten, entre sí, un nivel de seguridad diferente. Además, restringimos el acceso lógico de sus datos hacia nuestros empleados en base a la “necesidad de conocerlos”. Por tanto, solo el personal que realmente necesite acceder a sus datos, a efectos de poder proporcionarle el mejor servicio, será quien tenga acceso a los mismos. Protección contra las amenazas Nuestra Compañía goza de un excelente asesoramiento en lo que respecta a las amenazas modernas que afectan a la seguridad y a la privacidad de los datos, por lo que estamos bien preparados para poder combatirlas. Todos los acontecimientos que ocurren en nuestra infraestructura se supervisan continuamente, se analizan y se responden, lo que nos permite asegurar una protección adecuada de sus datos, poniéndolos a salvo contra las amenazas, las vulnerabilidades y los efectos del software malicioso. En caso de que se produzca un fallo que afecte a la accesibilidad de sus datos, disponemos de procedimientos de copia de seguridad y recuperación de datos, los cuales nos ayudarán a poder restaurar sus datos personales en poco tiempo. A efectos garantizar una recuperación rápida, utilizamos un modo de alta disponibilidad el cual está habilitado para la mayoría de las bases de datos de índole crítico, el cual nos permite minimizar el tiempo de inactividad. Conciencia de los empleados sobre la seguridad de los datos. Nuestros empleados están capacitados para manejar sus datos y ofrecerle un servicio de primera clase. Para garantizar la seguridad y la confidencialidad de sus datos, controlamos en nuestros sistemas todas las acciones de los empleados con respecto al acceso hacia los mismos, garantizando, por ende, un acceso estrictamente basado en la “necesidad de saber”: solamente aquellos empleados que necesitan el debido acceso, lo recibirán. Llevamos a cabo sesiones de formación regulares para asegurarnos de que cada empleado comprende los principios que la Empresa sigue para lograr una sólida seguridad y privacidad de los datos. Si elige no dar su información personal. En el contexto de nuestra relación comercial, es posible que tengamos que recopilar datos por ley, o bajo los términos de un contrato que tengamos con usted. Sin estos datos, en principio, no estaremos en condiciones de cerrar o ejecutar un contrato con usted. Si decide no proporcionarnos esta información, puede retrasar o impedir que cumplamos con nuestras obligaciones. También puede implicar que no podamos realizar los servicios necesarios para gestionar sus cuentas o nuestras políticas. Hasta qué punto llevamos a cabo la toma de decisiones automatizada y la parametrización. Al establecer y llevar a cabo una relación comercial, generalmente no utilizaremos una toma de decisiones automatizada. Si utilizásemos este procedimiento en casos individuales, se lo informaríamos por separado. En algunos casos, podremos proceder con la parametrización a efectos de evaluar ciertos aspectos personales. En consecuencia, le informaremos en caso de que realicemos cualquier posible parametrización. En general, cualquier recopilación de aquellos datos que sean opcionales, se aclarará en el momento de dicha recopilación. 10. DETALLES DE CONTACTO Quién es responsable sobre el proceso de sus datos y con quién puede contactar La entidad responsable sobre el proceso de sus datos es HubTrades  y puede contactarnos usando la información que se indica. Encargado para la Protección de los Datos Hemos designado un encargado para la protección de los datos (en lo sucesivo, denominado EPD) el cual es el responsable de supervisar todas aquellas preguntas relacionadas con esta Política de Privacidad. Si tuviere alguna pregunta sobre esta política de privacidad, incluidas aquellas peticiones que estén relacionadas con los datos, comuníquese con el EPD utilizando la información que se detalla a continuación: ICorreo electrónico: Si tuviere alguna pregunta o desea más detalles sobre cómo usamos sus datos, puede contactarnos utilizando la información de contacto que aparece arriba, estaremos encantados de proporcionarle más información. Además de todo lo anterior, tendrá derecho a ponerse en contacto con la Oficina del Comisionado para la Protección de los Datos Personales, el cual es la autoridad de supervisión Chipriota en lo que respecta a las cuestiones de protección de los datos.

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